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Are you a local artist, crafter, small business owner, antiques & ephemera dealer, etc. and want to be part of the 2019 festival?

Fill out a Vendor application for 2019 @ Marty’s Driving Range.
Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate food vendors this year.

2019 Vendors
Dyegirls Designs
Monadnock Glass Arts
Nene Paints
Rare Minded Productions
Earth Energy Love Orgonite Creations
Hudson Harmony II, Inc
Meridian Azura
Prayers of Nature
Deb’s Day-Off
Blue Highways Trading Co.
Jenna Topping Art
Gaia’s Blessing
Uplift Vegan & Vegetarian Kitchen
Omakase Food Truck
We educate the people
End 68 Hours of Hunger
Mason School Club
Girl Scouts of Green & White Mountains
Uplift & Band Merch table

Want to be apart of future Uplift events?
Email Jessica,

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